Brief History

  • 2005:

    In this year the company is founded as a sole proprietorship. Later it would need to be transformed into its current form, a limited liability company. After the start-up investment Energy Working develops its business sector with dedication and tenacity. It joins the market to provide a service or identify the best product to reach the Client's objectives. Energy Working is the partner that becomes the point of reference for companies that choose to rely on the proposed energy services.
  • 2007:

    Energy Working offers its Client Companies services with high added value, featuring the extremely high quality of its skills. It is the technical partner for analysing and resolving problems and satisfying the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele. This year the creation of a commercial network made up of a few, highly qualified, professionals is promoted and the division is created for development and applications for the production of energy from Renewable Sources.
  • 2009:

    Energy Working's approach to new Clients is based on a thorough analysis of their operating methods with the widest possible vision for timely identification of the best action to be undertaken in order to achieve maximum results. For this reason it is chosen by a growing number of Companies and Purchasing Groups that choose to rely on the services it offers. The development and applications for the production of energy from Renewable Sources undergoes a significant increase and during this year the evolution from a sole proprietorship to the current limited liability company becomes necessary.
  • 2011:

    A continued increase in business and continued market appreciation makes the company the point of reference for resolving the specific issues of its Clientele. Energy Working adopts a "Customer Oriented" business model aimed at earning and maintaining the trust and loyalty of its clientele through the contribution of its experience and knowledge. There is an increase in the number of production companies, Trade Associations, and Purchasing Groups, including Energy Working itself, that choose to rely on the services offered by the company. The development and applications for the production of energy from Renewable Sources continues and becomes integrated with the analysis for the optimisation of energy efficiency in buildings.
  • 2012:

    Coordinating projects and resources, creating joint ventures with specialised Companies and Professionals, and researching and applying solutions become the objectives for achieving a more incisive presence on the market. At this point, the Market recognizes Energy Working as a consulting partner for analysis and company strategies and quality assurance is proven by the responsibility that the company assumes even before accepting assignments.
    Despite the period of economic difficulty in Italy and Europe in general, clients acquired by Energy Working confirm their trust in the Consulting Company's operation and new production companies request its support in their energy choices. The development and request for energy production applications from Renewable Sources and Energy Efficiency interventions continues and is constantly growing.
    This is the year that the company embarks towards foreign markets, heading towards Eastern Europe (Romania) and emerging countries (Middle East).
  • 2013:

    Energy Working is an established company with strong qualities such as experience, dynamism, and flexibility, continuously recognised and confirmed by its clients. The company objectives are being achieved according to Management's plans thanks to continuous technological research, updated standards, perseverance, persistence, responsibility, and the willingness of each individual component of the Energy Working Group to always offer its Clients high quality service, specialisation, and professionalism.
    Energy Working is a company with a wide range of quality skills in the energy industry involving major, internationally recognised operators in the production and management of energy produced from renewable sources.
  • 2014:

    In this year the Company's special features are further confirmed. Its client base in the internal market increases in both the quantity and type of companies served and at the same time, relations with foreign markets are strengthened in Eastern Europe (Romania), Middle East (Oman), and North Africa (Morocco).
    In the second half of the year, Management, confirming the company's foresight, adds a highly qualified professional for relations with the European Community for the identification, development, management, and creation of European Projects in the energy industry that could be implemented in Italy and reproduced in the EU.